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If you compared the concept of Moneyball to any come back baseball story, you would find its differences.  At first, the quirky dialogue in the film scripted by Aaron Sorkin gave the character of Billy Beane played by Brad Pitt some real-life feel.  Billy Beane was the general manager for the Oakland A’s in the early 2000’s.  He was GM during the 2001 season when the team made the playoffs but fell short to the Yankees.  As the 2002 season approached, Billy would have to face facts that the organization does not have enough to pay for Jason Giambi, Johnny Damon, and Jason Isringhausen.  With his three best players gone, Beane would have to create a team within their budget and can be back-to-back contenders.  With a little help from well-acted Jonah Hill, they both created the theory that getting on base is what wins games.  It doesn’t matter how man home runs or RBI’s, just your ability to get on base.  Today, this well constructed Baseball theory is called Moneyball.
A well-stocked group of stars is key for a film of this magnitude, the casting of Jonah Hill was a perfect choice to portray such an intelligent person.  They both were a dynamic duo in this film creating amazing synchronization throughout.  The camera work in the film was quite interesting for a higher budget film like this.  It included several shots where the camera was shaky or purposely out of focus.  This technique gives the film more definition and realistic feel to it, which one can highly appreciate.
Even though Moneyball doesn’t exactly hit the criteria of an unforgettable film, it was still one of the best films of the concluding 2011-year.
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