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Ramped Up School Security


On Tuesday, December 18th, Mrs. Trotter made an announcement about increasing school security, specifically locking more entrance doors. These changes follow the tragic school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Because of this event, Half Hollow Hills, as well as many other districts around the country, is adding new features to better protect students and staff.

West’s new security measures include the following:

  • All doors (excluding specifically designated doors) are to be closed and locked after 7:19 AM
  • Only one front door and one cafeteria door will be open for periods 1 and 2
  • All students are required to show ID when entering the building after 7:19 AM
  • The front door will be the only available entrance throughout the day
  • The tables outside the cafeteria will not be allowed for student use until the weather permits

Although the rules are now the “law of the land,” many are skeptical. Students and faculty alike agree that these changes may be short lived. Freshman Ron Molinari commented, “Things will become more lenient, and eventually the rules will be barely enforced.” He also stated that he saw many of these rules already being skirted.

A new proposal for Staten Island schools is to have multiple armed policemen at each school, begging the question will Half Hollow Hills follow suit?  Will there be policemen at every school? Will our school continue to uphold these strict measures put in place? Until we know these answers, feel safe knowing that you attend a school where security has a high level of importance.