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Creating Safer School Conditions or Not Helping at All

Hills West Bench
Photo by Arianna Pappas

One of the most controversial topics in Half Hollow Hills West right now is the new school safety procedures, like the blue lines of tape, that are put into every classroom. This issue has been discussed between many students and teachers, and the opinions have varied. Many believe that this method is useless and will not help in a case of public danger. The pink pages that cover the door windows are also included in every classroom, along with the blue tape. These pink laminated papers have each school safety procedure written on them. This includes evacuation, sheltering/relocation, and Lockdown/Lockout instructions. Mrs. Madden, one of the social studies teachers, believes that this attempt at creating a plan for everyone is useful, but there is always more that we can do. She believes that these procedures keep us organized and prepared. Many students say that the blue lines scare them and make the gun situation more real. Others, like Mike Delp, believe this is definitely not a useful method of school safety and will not do anything. John Caputo states that it scares him because he is always worried about which side of the line to be on during an emergency. There are a lot of contradictory statements for this method of school safety. We hope to see more effective ways to keep Half Hollow Hills’ students safe.