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Player Spotlight: Jaylen Seay aka, “Wavy”

Jaylen Seay is a senior power-forward on the Hills West Senior Basketball team.

Hills West’s very own varsity basketball captain Jaylen Seay has proven himself to be an elite athlete with his 18.6 points per game average. Seay has been starting on varsity basketball for two consecutive years, playing power forward. If you see someone dunking on the court, chances are it’s probably Seay in his #20 jersey.

Jaylen Seay, also known as “Wavy,”  can be seen wearing his Kyrie Irving basketball shoes and his Nike sports apparel on and off the court. Playing since he was eight years old, on multiple travel teams, Seay has been inspired by many of his coaches and is currently pursuing his last season of High School basketball.

Under the guidance of his Coaches, Steve Akinson and Kyle Madden, Seay is determined for greatness. In an interview with “Wavy, ” he stated that he is hoping to play basketball during his college career. Proving himself to be a leader and exemplary athlete, Jaylen gets along very well with his team and believes that the reason for the team’s success is not through individuals, but the team as a whole.

“I want my team to succeed as a whole and grow together, and to work to our potential. If we work together there would be no holding us back,” said Seay.