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Justice Kavanaugh Confirmed


President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, an American attorney and United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals, was confirmed to the United States Supreme Court. Our nation witnessed a triumphant display of checks and balances. President Trump nominated Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the Justice Department and FBI investigated him, and the Senate conducted the confirmation hearings and the vote. This confirmation was a controversial public spectacle. Politicians from both ends of the political spectrum found the entire proceeding to be a constitutional disgrace.

California Senator Feinstein was rumored to have waited on acting upon Ford’s claims and her office was rumored to have leaked the alleged victim’s name. New Jersey Senator Booker embraced controversy and tried to seize the public spotlight. Booker admitted to releasing documents to the public, claiming to be representing the people. It turns out the documents in question were already released and cleared to be public information.

This Supreme Court nomination was one tainted by partisanship and was torn by morality, speculation, and the principle of innocent until proven guilty. The country went through pain and a plethora of mixed emotions watching Dr. Ford and then Judge Kavanaugh speak before the Senate Judicial Committee. Dr. Ford was seen as the most credible out of the accusers, but there were still many gaps in her memory. People from both sides of the political aisle believed something happened to her, but they are not sure if it was Kavanaugh due to reports of other men coming forward claiming to be the one who assaulted her. Other women accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault, but many were not credible following the numerous FBI investigations. Following the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh, an accuser admitted to having falsified her claim of sexual assault and had said that she “never met Kavanaugh.” Many people across the nation wanted to believe the alleged victims of sexual assault, which is sensible, however, in this unfortunate time in our society, people are committing perjury for political purposes.

Controversy on the right concerned whether or not the White House or the Republican majority in the Judicial Committee were limiting the FBI investigations scope or withholding documents meant to be released to the public. Many were taken back by Kavanaugh’s intense display of emotion following the Ford hearing directed at Democratic Senators. Individuals on the left believed that Kavanaugh’s display of emotions proved he does not have the temperament to be a United States Supreme Court Justice. Other figures on the right feel it was warranted and justified since numerous Democrats were targeting him and his character. Additionally, those who felt his display was warranted and justified point to the unfounded claims about him and his family that led to a loss of potential employment as well as threats of violence against him and his family. Republican members on the Senate Judiciary Committee were criticized for not addressing Ford directly; they used outside counsel to ask questions for them. Some saw this action as heartless or cowardly. Others thought this decision was sensible in order to make this experience less difficult for Dr. Ford.

The entire confirmation is still controversial, but a 50-48 vote confirmed Judge Kavanaugh. In the eyes of the law, and the FBI, Justice Kavanaugh is an innocent man. In the eyes of others, the man is still a potential predator. Judge Kavanaugh was sworn in as the 114th Supreme Court Justice on October 6th, 2018. One thing is sure, in the history of Supreme Court nominees, Judge Kavanaugh was investigated the most thoroughly and submitted the most legal documents from his career in the Senate’s history.

Following the swearing-in of Justice Kavanaugh many questions are now being raised. Did the questionable treatment by the Democrats and threats against his family push Kavanaugh far right? What types of cases will Kavanaugh hear? Could he be impeached? Kavanaugh replaced the Supreme Court seat of Justice Kennedy, who was seen as the swing vote on the court. The ratio from right to left minded Justices of today’s court is 4-4 with Kavanaugh being the swing vote. Following the hearings, most believe that Kavanaugh will now be a confirmed right-leaning vote, giving conservatives and Republicans a majority on the highest court in the land. President Trump has now nominated two justices who were confirmed. For Republicans, this is a big win. For Democrats, this was a wakeup call to vote and change the dynamic for the Senate.
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