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One Way You Can Help Others for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a festive time full of friends, food, and family! It’s a time when everyone is grateful for everything that they have. One of the biggest parts of Thanksgiving is the meal, of course! This year many clubs are helping out families in need to have a nourishing and great meal. Some families may not be able to afford big meals for thanksgiving, so Key Club and Tri-M Music honor society are teaming up to make some great meals. This little program is made so that everyone can help out to make a big Thanksgiving basket. There is a board filled with papers listed with specific foods. All you need to do 

is take a slip and buy that certain food, whether it be stuffing, corn, pumpkin pie, etc. This will help to create these Thanksgiving baskets filled with diverse foods for families in need. It’s a great way to help others be able to have the 

Thanksgiving meal that you have. This method is easier because everyone has a particular food that they need to get. These Thanksgiving Baskets will be made on November 16th by the students of Tri-M and Key Club. This program was first created by Mrs. Romeo, and she reached out to Key Club for help. Mrs. Madden explains that these Thanksgiving baskets are given to families in need right in this community. Mrs. Romeo finds these people through the nurse or other people. Mrs. Madden assures that these baskets are beautifully crafted and are presented as a gift to these families. This is one way anyone can help others around Thanksgiving.