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No Shoes Required


How many of you walk around your house without shoes on? How many of you walk around your house with your shoes on because you haven’t taken them off? I walked around school without shoes for a week, only wearing socks. No one told me I couldn’t. I walked by the principal a few times and the same with the assistant principals. The Half Hollow Hills High School West Code of Conduct states, “Include footwear at all times.” This does not necessarily mean shoes, as socks are also footwear. People have stated their concerns about not wearing shoes: the floors are dirty, there is bacteria, there may be fungus. These are all fair points, but what some fail to notice is that our custodial staff clean the floors everyday; also, on some weekends, if not all, they polish the floors and give them a stronger washing. The school does everything it can to keep our school clean. You can even say that our school could be as clean as our homes. After an interview with Dr. Abrescia, he stated, “I am pro shoes, for the safety reasons. I may not be overly passionate about the style, but shoes should be worn by all students. I don’t want people slipping.” After hearing from many people, I have expressed what I have found. You can choose what you want. “Let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectations.” -Ryunosuke Satoro.