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Course Offerings 2018-19


Most students are very enthusiastic about the end of the school year. Summer is here, and the excitement of the warm weather and dwindling work alleviates stress for many. Students are relieved to have their schedules finalized for the next school year. High School West offers a wide array of classes and electives, giving students a variety of classes to choose from and allowing students to explore their interests. Classes at High School West run solely based on numbers. If there are not enough students interested in a particular class, then the class will not run for that year. That being said, there are still new classes being introduced or reintroduced. For example,  AP Capstone are coming to the school for the 2018-19 year. AP Capstone will replace the tenth grade English credit. Students will work in groups to research certain topics. At the end of the year, they will take an exam, and present their research to the College Board. Also, AP Chemistry will run next year. There was not enough student interest to run it this year, but since more students want to take the class in 2018-2019, it will be running again. Sometimes, classes can be run by combining them with another class if only a small number of students show interest. For example, Multimedia Design will be combined with Film and Video in order to fill the class. A new elective coming to High School West is Cyber Security, which directly relates to a career workshop that the Guidance office had put together this year. During these career workshops, Guidance brings in a professional in a particular field to talk about their job, and what it is like. Students may choose to sign up to attend. Some electives that will not be running include Comics and Graphic Novels, Musical Theatre, and Race in America. As previously stated, the main reason for this is student interest and enrollment numbers. High School West offers a variety of electives, allowing students to take what interests them. This ensures that students can enjoy learning.