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Driving Out Hunger This Thanksgiving

Kristen Olsen, Jenna Fass, and Simran Alan help pack turkeys for the annual Interact Thanksgiving Drive.

Long Island, although affluent in some areas, still struggles in others; across Long Island approximately 65,000 people receive emergency food every single week and even more are in need. That’s why this thanksgiving some people are kind enough to look out for those in need, including our very own members of the Interact Club at High School West. Interact is a community service based club run by Mrs. Lislevatn and Mr. Stein, and this year they are once again holding their annual turkey drive for families in need.

Although hunger is an issue worldwide, there are still people in our local communities in need of help, according to dosomething.org approximately 1 in 6 Americans face hunger. People across Long Island are in need of food, especially for this upcoming thanksgiving and anyone can make a difference, it all starts in our very own communities. For the past decade, Interact Club has been hosting the turkey drive and have made momentous contributions to hungry families. Interact is hosting a pizza and bake sale after school on Tuesday, November 21st all of the proceeds will be donated to hungry families. boysturkeysThe club raises money to buy turkeys, cans of food and a 25$ gift card for a families in need. Sometimes it can be hard families in need, when asked where they donate the turkeys to Mr. Stein replied “We donate the turkeys to local churches and community out reach groups,” so all the proceeds are immediately used to support and rebuild our very own communities. To spread the word about the turkey drive Interact works closely with a public relations representative in the school district and is getting support from Art Honor Society to help advertise. Hopefully, these efforts can help them reach their goals. On average the club raises enough money for about 105 turkeys, thats 105 families who can count on food for thanksgiving, the club plans to once again meet this goal this year.


Millions of Americans face hunger this year and once again the responsibility to help those in needs only lies within ourselves. When giving thanks this Thanksgiving be thankful for the necessities because not everyone, not even those in our own neighborhoods, has the luxury of the basic things like food, water and shelter. The only way to make a change for those in need this holiday season is not to sit back idly and pray for the best, but be proactive and make a difference in your own community. Donate to the Interact Turkey drive November, Tuesday 21st to show your thanks and make a difference.