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iPhone X – Is it worth it?



Apple has always been known for their pricey products since they started out. But this time around with the iPhone X releasing November 3rd, they have pushed the boundary. Usually, the $600 $700 iPhone is being priced at $1000 dollars. Is it worth the massive price tag?

Of course the phone market has many options and rivalries, but what about apple themselves? The iPhone 8 and 8 plus have been out for quite some time now and are missing just a few features the X has such as the removal of the home button and Face ID the face scanning technology used to unlock the iPhone x. The iPhone 8 is also cheaper starting at $699.

If you are looking for performance in a phone you are going to want the iPhone X. In GeekBench a program used to give a score in processing power, the iPhone X got a 9939 in the multi-core test compared to the Samsung Galaxy s8 score of a 6437. Although benchmarks aren’t perfect this destroys the s8 in core processing. After personally using the iPhone X i can confirm that it runs extremely smooth. Videos run super smooth and load with little to none latency.

I would 100 percent recommend skipping iPhone X. The iPhone 8 is just so much cheaper for just about the exact same features. I would also recommend making the switch to the Samsung s8 which is also cheaper than the X and does pretty much everything you’d need it to. There are even applications out on the Google Play Store that transform android to look like iOS 11.

The iPhone X is not worth it. The price is too expensive and doesn’t bring anything so game-changing to the table besides Face ID, which you could probably live without. Apple once again looks at your wallet not what you want.