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Coaches Corner: Colts look to bounce back against 2-0 Harborfields


After a disappointing 33-7 loss to Westhampton,  I caught up with Coach Madden for his weekly spot. Enjoy….

Your team ran into a real buzzsaw last weekend in Westhampton. How’s the psyche of your team right now?

  • It’s pretty good. I think they realized that they have to stop reading their press clippings and actually go out there and practice and get it done. Right now our so called “big time players” are not playing like big time players and that has to change.

Will you prepare your team any differently coming off the kind of game you just had?

  • No, I think it’s just a little bit of reality. Hopefully it has set in that you can’t just step on a field and think your gonna win the game just because of the name on your back or the press clippings that you read.

It doesn’t get much easier this weekend as you travel to 2-0 Harborfield. What can you tell me about them?

  • I think they do a really good job on offense. They have a funky defense that we’re still trying to figure out but we will. I think it’s a good matchup, they are definitely going to be hungry. They have a chance to go 3-0 and we need to get back on track and get ourselves to 2-1.

Your team started the season with 2 homes games and are now met with their first road challenge. Do you think the change in venue and less fan support will affect your teams play?

  • No, hopefully it will help them rally together and really root for one another. It’s gonna be the first time we’re on grass, playing on grass. That might be a factor especially since it’s a little wet out there but hopefully it will dry up by Saturday. All in all we still have to block and tackle better than Harborfields.

How important do you think it is for your team to bounce back this weekend?

  • It’s huge. They have to realize that this is a short season and they need to go and get back on top and start rolling again.

Take a trip over to Harborfields this Saturday at 1:00pm to support our Hills West Colts as they try and recover from their week 2 loss and get back over .500!!


Douglas Lattuca

Assistant Sports Editor