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Fantasy Football: Week 3


Welcome to the infamous overreaction week.  After Week 1, any educated fantasy owner wouldn’t be too worried about any performances. However, after the second week of the regular season, there is a greater sense of consistency. For example, CJ Anderson has had two high-volume weeks in a row. It’s natural to cling onto players like this, but it’s also kind of a waste. The price for CJ Anderson as of this week is close to that of Melvin Gordon, Jordan Howard, and even Todd Gurley. Basically, his value has reached its pinnacle. Trade players like this before they fall off of their peaks.

I got a little sidetracked there. I just love overreaction week because it separates the weak from the strong. For long-term success, use the strategy given in the first paragraph.  However, this article is not for long-term success, but it is to help with short-term matchups. This week, I’m not going to do the usual starter/sitter format. This article will give one fantasy bold prediction from each game this upcoming weekend to help you beat your opponent in Week 3. Here are my bold predictions:

Rams @ 49ers – Live from Santa Clara is the MATCHUP OF THE CENTURY!!! The electric Los Angeles Rams travel to Levi’s Stadium to take on the San Francisco 49ers. Assuming that I do not claw my eyes out by the fourth quarter, I think the main takeaway here will be that Carlos Hyde is finally for real. My bold prediction is that he will score at least two touchdowns this Thursday night, as carrying that offense is bound to pay off with some end zone visits eventually.

Ravens @ Jaguars – Javorius Allen, Javorius Allen, Javorius Allen. He had 14 carries for 66 yards last week, plus 5 catches for 35 yards and a touchdown. This week, he’s going to get that up to 130 total yards in London.

Broncos @ Bills – I mentioned CJ Anderson earlier.  I’m going to do it again, but justifying why you should trade him now.  Trevor Siemian will throw for over 300 yards and will have 3 touchdowns, two of which go to Demaryius Thomas, who is due to score.  This will keep Anderson under 60 rushing yards this week, so by Monday you can kiss that value goodbye.

Steelers @ Bears – I would like to make a Jordan Howard prediction, but it’s too early in the week to know what his health status will be by Sunday, so I’ll go to the other team.  Leveon Bell is a ticking time bomb, ready to explode.  Despite a matchup against an underrated Chicago front, time has run out for Bell’s quiet start.  Look for him to explode for over 200 total yards.

Saints @ Panthers – In the two games against the Saints’ defense thus far, tight ends have had huge days, with Kyle Rudolph and Rob Gronkowski each scoring in their respective weeks. With Greg Olsen on the IR, Ed Dickson is the next man up.  He will be a top-5 fantasy tight end this week.

Buccaneers @ Vikings – Xavier Rhodes is expected to lock up Mike Evans this week, leaving the big play threat Desean Jackson guarded by Trae Waynes. My bold prediction is that D-Jax will have a 50+ yard touchdown.

Browns @ Colts – This will also be a painful game to watch.  With Andrew Luck out another week, sitting all of your Colts except for TY Hilton is a wise move, and there’s really never a reason to play any Browns, but that changes today!  Just kidding, but if you’re desperate for a flex or something, I can see Duke Johnson getting good touches and reaching the endzone in Indianapolis.

Dolphins @ Jets – This is going to take you all by surprise, and is easily the most bold prediction thus far, but I think that the Jets win this one. Jermaine Kearse will score again, McCown will have a serviceable day, and I think that the Jets will be very motivated in a game where the Dolphins are expecting a free win. Ajayi will be held in check, and I’ve got the Jets by way of the arial attack (no pun intended).

Texans @ Patriots – It is time for Lamar Miller to score.  His workload is too strong.  Mr. Mediocre will finally reach the endzone against New England, and will finish with a top 10 fantasy day.

Falcons @ Lions – To put it simply, the Atlanta offense is the best in the league.  There isn’t much else to it.  Put a dome around them, and that offense becomes absolutely electric.  Therefore, traveling to the indoor Ford Field in Detroit, Julio Jones is my electric player of the week.  The Lions think that Darius Slay can slow him down.  He cannot.  This will give Julio great looks DEEP down the field.  Julio Jones will finish with 8+ catches, 200+ receiving yards and two touchdowns.  Mr. Jones, welcome to the electric factory.

Giants @ Eagles – Expect the giant struggles of the G-men (once again, no pun intended) to continue in Philly this week.  Carson Wentz has been incredible as of late, and I like him again this week.  My bold prediction is that he will finish in the top 5 of fantasy quarterbacks.

Seahawks @ Titans – Of all the backs in Seattle, Chris Carson has led the committee in touches.  Pete Carroll seems to like the rookie running back.  I Wouldn’t be surprised to see him put up high-end RB2 numbers thus week in Tennessee.

Chiefs @ Chargers – My bold prediction from this one is that Tyreek Hill has a long touchdown play.  I’m not sure if it will be a run, pass, or return, but Hill will have one of his famous 50-yard plays.  It’s amazing how often this happens, so this prediction may not even be that bold.  However, any long touchdown play is never expected, even with the speedy Tyreek Hill.

Bengals @ Packers – The Bengals have been kind of hinting towards Joe Mixon in the backfield as of late. Change is needed somewhere in that offense, and going to their talented rookie could certainly spark a team that is as lost as Cincinnati. I think that they play Mixon as a lead back this week, and that he rushes for over 100 yards.

Raiders @ Redskins – Kirk Cousins always seems to start his seasons slowly, and pick up his game around Week 3. With that in mind, I could see Captain Kirk pulling 300 yards and two TDs from the matchup at home this week, coming with a Redskins’ loss nonetheless.

Cowboys @ Cardinals – The Cardinals will shut down Dez Bryant this week. To be more specific, Patrick Peterson will shut down Dez Bryant this week.  Look for 2 catches for about 30 yards from the Cowboys’ receiver on Monday Night.

Despite this week’s format, I still wish you the best of luck in Week 3, and remember not to mess up overreaction week.