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A First Glance At Senior Year


Every passing second of senior year leads us inevitably closer to becoming the beta freshmen of our future once again. For most, it feels like yesterday was their first day as a lost freshman stumbling through the halls of High School West. To underclassmen, the future may appear light years away and current stress may seem a little overbearing, but rest assured the fruits of your labor are not in vain. No matter the cost, the wondrous legends of the senior year experience remain cemented in the culture of High School West.

Everyone knows the uncanny, liberating feeling of entering school two hours late on a snow day. This refreshing, additional two hours of sleep is the difference between falling asleep in your pre-calc class and theorizing the existence of life. Walking into school feeling wide awake truly changes the perception of a school day. When asked their favorite senior year privilege, seniors Caroline Walker and Logan Weiner both agreed, “being able to come to school late and leave early.” The ability to dictate the length of the school day is unanimously the best perk of senior year. For some, like Logan, who hold positions in either Student Government, SEC, or National Honor Society, this benefit is further enhanced by coveted private parking spots. Seniors like Logan don’t have to worry about finding a spot in the morning; He has a specific spot reserved for him to park in every morning! Marked by personalized paint jobs, these parking spots are waiting for seniors like Logan in the morning, even if his first class doesn’t start until later in the day. Additionally, adjusted school hours allow seniors to dodge that early morning and late afternoon traffic we all know too well.

Aside from the physical benefits of senior year, the cultural perks remain high on the list of importance. From the senior apparel to Pep Rally, senior year spirit remains unparrelled year in and year out. To seniors Caroline and Logan pep rally and homecoming were both destined to be some of the most exciting events of our upcoming year. And to many audacious seniors like Caroline, they “expect to win.” The unique feeling of unity is truly unprecedented as compared to years before.

Among all of the senior year fun, it is easy to lose sight of what really matters: the future. This time of life, although full of fun, is also extremely stressful. From applying to colleges to finding a prom date, seniors have a lot on their plate. Although leaving school two periods early may appear as extra time for seniors to fool around, it is also necessary time for them to complete tedious college applications and essays. Some seniors even describe the first half of the senior year as more stressful than the notorious junior year. Many seniors describe this period in their life as “bitter-sweet.” Logan Weiner looks to the future as a time that is “exciting but sad.” The thought of leaving all of your former friends is daunting for many, but most seniors like Caroline Walker have “come to terms” with the thought of leaving high school. Undeniably, however, she will miss all of her life-long friends. Although this time may be sad, most seniors are ready to pursue their dreams in college and study the subject they are truly passionate about.

A day in the life of a senior may appear easy, but in reality, it is a great time of change. It won’t be long until seniors are counting their last days with their closest friends, so it is imperative to make the most of the final year that the class has together. Senior year marks the end of an era, a time for new beginnings, a time for change which is ever so exciting but unbelievably stressful. The only way to describe senior year is a time for

Senior year marks the end of an era, a time for new beginnings, a time for a change. It is all at one stressful and exciting. The only way to describe senior year is a time for change, for better and for worse.