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Hills West Cafeteria Staff’s Favorite Holiday Dishes!


Hills West Lunch StaffAs the holiday season continues on, students and teachers are filled with anticipation as they wait for the most wonderful time of the year to officially start. Not only are they excited for the presents and seeing their family again, but they are excited for the food that will be made for the holiday season. Everyone is excited for the food! There’s such a wide variety of foods during the holiday season! So, we asked the Hills West Cafeteria Staff about their favorite holiday foods.

Mr. Dante, who works at the salad and sandwich bar, loves to eat turkey. He isn’t sure why, it’s just his favorite holiday dish. Mrs. Susan, who works alongside with Mr. Dante, loves Pork Roast. She was indecisive at first because there are so many holiday dishes that are so delicious, so it is pretty hard to choose from a wide variety of yummy, juicy and beautiful foods.

Mrs. Doreen, who works at the cash register, claims that she loves Christmas cookies, sweet potato casserole and lasagna. Amazing choices indeed Mrs. Doreen! Who wouldn’t love the taste of sweet, tender cookies, soft mushy potatoes and cheesy and delicious lasagna? Mrs. Lucia also loves lasagna.

Mrs. Irene, who works at the second cash register loves prime ribs. Prime rib is like roast beef, except prime rib is the cut of beef from the primal rib! Mrs. Lisa, who works as a snack vendor loves pasta, lasagna and ziti! She adds a bit of Italian culture to the holidays! Ziti is a pasta from Italian-American roots, it’s similar to a baked casserole dish! Mrs. Lynn who supplies the lunch food loves spiral ham, and makes spiral ham with her husband.

Mrs. Lynn Pratt, who’s one of the amazing chefs here at Hills West, loves chocolate chip cookies. “I bake them, and my family loves it.” She also loves to eat roast beef,  she also loves to eat Yorkshire pudding with bread and gravy. Mrs. Jackie loves to eat Apple Pie, “the cinnamon, the nutmeg, it makes me feel like I’m in the holiday spirit!” I don’t blame Mrs. Jackie, whenever I take a whiff of apple pies, I feel tempted to devour the whole apple pie!

So, here is the Hills West Cafeteria Staffs favorite holiday foods, and why they enjoy it so much! Make sure to say hi to these wonderful people when you pass by the cafeteria! Happy Holidays!