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Week 15: Boom or Bust


It’s the second week of the fantasy football playoffs.  Making a start ’em sit ’em list is unfair, because no two teams are in the same position this week.  You can be losing by a decent amount, in need of risky, high-ceiling players.  You can also be in a position where you have a sizable lead and need stable, high-floor players to get you into the championship.  The following players are boom or bust guys that should be started if you are losing coming into Week 15:

  • Sammy Watkins – Watkins has a great matchup against the Browns, and his big play ability gives opportunity for a huge game.
  • Marques Goodwin – Also playing against the Browns, Goodwin has proven to be a downfield threat against poor secondaries this year.  If you’re truly desperate, start the Buffalo speedster, as there’s always a chance he breaks a long touchdown.
  • Desean Jackson – Jackson is playing against the depleted Panther secondary this week, and has had deep touchdowns numerous times in 2016.  If you’re losing, consider starting the seasoned speed-demon.
  • Tevin Coleman – Against the 49ers this week, Coleman actually has a decently high floor.  He has torn up bad defenses this year, and his redzone workload gives him a chance for big numbers this week.
  • Davante Adams – With a strong matchup against the Bears, Adams’ big-play ability and decent efficiency gives him a good opportunity for big numbers this week.
  • Tyreek Hill – Hill has an awesome matchup against the struggling Titans secondary, and has had some of the biggest plays of any player all year.  He is actually a must start this week.

The following players are stable players with high fantasy floors that should be played if you have a lead:

  • Demaryius Thomas – Thomas has been very efficient in 2016.  He is a lock for double digits in a PPR league, even in a date with the stingy New England defense.
  • Jaemson Crowder – Although he has big-play ability, Crowder has been the number one receiver in Washington this year, giving him a stable floor.
  • Amari Cooper – Despite recent struggles, Cooper has still been great this year.  Look for a bounce-back week against the Chargers.
  • Spencer Ware – Ware has a heavy workload and does not rely heavily on touchdowns, giving him a stable floor.
  • Travis Kelce – Kelce has been the leader in targets in Kansas City.  He’s a rare bright spot in a position that has given fantasy owners headaches all season long.
  • Doug Martin – Martin receives a constant heavy workload, giving him great upside and reliability against the Cowboys on Sunday night.

I wish you the best of luck in Week 15!