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Coaches Corner: Colts Advance to Second Round


The Hills West Colts have advanced to the 2nd round of the 2016 playoffs after a hard fought 35-27 victory over the Newfield Wolverines last Saturday on their home turf.  This week the team hits the road for what is sure to be a tougher matchup against the North Babylon Bulldogs.  I caught up with Coach Madden this week in the midst of the teams preparation for my regular “Coaches Corner ” interview. Here’s how it went:

Congratulations on last weeks win Coach

1) What specifically , if anything , worries you about this weeks opponent North Babylon?

-North Babylon has a ton of tradition, their typically a team that wants to come out and pound you. On their offense they’re a big two tight end team who just wants play power football. Last time we played them it was close game for three quarters and then they just opened it up on us and I guess right now our defense stopping them is the most important.

2) Do you game plan differently each week depending upon the team your facing? Or do you just focus on what you do well and play “YOUR GAME” regardless?

-We focus on what we do well and what we do is we might change up formations or personnel based on who were playing just so we have the best matchups possible.

3) You have enjoyed a lot of success coaching at the High School level. Who had the biggest influence on you and when did you first realize you had a passion for coaching football?

-I had a couple coaches. I started off early on with Bill Walsh who was the head coach off the 49ers. I followed him throughout my younger years and read a lot of books about him. And you know currently it’s Urban Meyer from Ohio State, he’s one of the best program builders out there and somebody I follow 100% right now.

4) For a player on your team what do you think is more important to be successful on the field , preparation or raw talent?

-I think it’s a combination of both. If a kid who has all the talent in the world doesn’t prepare you know both in the offseason in the weight room and on the practice field he’s never going to reach his full potential. Also, being a great teammate is vitally important no matter how talented you are because being elite and having greatness is contagious. If your best players are your hardest workers it means it will be contagious for the rest of the team.

5) Last one Coach. When you’re in the midst of a winning streak are you superstitious at all ? Will you stick to a set routine during a winning streak or mix things up when the team is losing? 

-Uh no, we’re pretty set on what we do. Sometimes I wear the same pants that’s for sure. No I mean I’m superstitious and I know my assistant will wear the exact same outfit, but if we lose in a certain outfit I  wear I won’t wear that outfit again.

Fans be at North Babylon High School at 1:00 to support your Colts. Don’t forget to bring $6 and your student ID or you will not be allowed to watch the game. Have fun and support your Colts.


Douglas Lattuca