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NFL Honors: A Post-Election Premature Award List


Every year, the NFL hosts an award ceremony the day before the Super Bowl, called the NFL Honors Show.  With the season about halfway over, and the election only being yesterday, I have decided to “elect” certain players and coaches to their respective positions thus far in the 2016 season.

  • MVP – Derek Carr – Carr, the quarterback of the Raiders, has lead his team to an AFC West best 7-2 heading into a week 10 bye.  His numbers are top 5 in almost every category but numbers cannot solely win an MVP award.  Carr has exhibited great leadership (as well as staggering performances) that make hi  truly the most valuable player this season so far.
  • OPOY – Matt Ryan – This award is given to the best offensive player.  So far, this has been Matt Ryan, who sits atop most of the quarterback statistical numbers, with a league-leading 2,980 passing yards, and is second to Tom Brady in QBR with a 119.0 rating.  The numbers do not lie, as Matt Ryan has also led the most prolific scoring offense in the National Football League.
  • DPOY – Von Miller – There really isn’t a debate about this one.  Von Miller is second in sacks with 9.5 through 9 games, but his performance goes beyond the numbers.  Von Miller is unblockable, as he disrupts every play while fighting through double-teams and even triple-teams on nearly every down.  At the halfway mark, he is easily the defensive player of the year.
  • OROY – Ezekiel Elliot – Zeke has taken the league by storm.  With a league leading 891 rushing yards, 7 rushing touchdowns, and 1000+ scrimmage yards, he has had no struggles adjusting to the NFL.  The only other candidate for this award would be Dak Prescott, who has led “Dem Boyz” to a 7-1 start, but that couldn’t have been achieved without Ezekiel Elliot’s efforts.
  • DROY – Joey Bosa – Bosa missed the first few games due to injury, but has made an immediate impact since his return.  He hasn’t slowed down since his two sacks in his first game this year.  Bosa is my defensive rookie of the year so far.