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Meet the Hills West Cafeteria Staff


Her eyes widened in surprise and her cheeks flushed crimson as the whale-like call from her stomach signaled the emptiness of her stomach.

Throughout the school day, we all have experienced that feeling of hunger. We yearn for our lunch periods where we can indulge in our favorite foods in hopes of obtaining some energy. When that bell rings, students run to the lines and eat like there is no tomorrow. However, have you ever stopped to notice the cafeteria workers who give you your food? Or have you ever seen the lady or man that spends his or her day making your food. I’m guessing no. Well here at Hills West, there are two very important ladies from the very important food-service here at this amazing high school.
Meet Jackie, she’s a wonderful cheery woman, that is very glad to serve you. You might’ve seen her in the sandwich area making you a sandwich or at the cash register taking your money. Jackie started her career with food service two years ago. She was planning to go somewhere else to work but she had children so to make time for them she decided to work at Hills West, she’d be doing something she loves and she still has time for her children. She enjoys her work a lot, there are many bad days and everyone has them and she says she’s here “to make you feel better and give you the food you’re looking for to get you through the day”. They rotate stations every day, there is five stations. The first one is the cash register, snack mendor, food giver and the cooker. So each day there’s a different job waiting for you in the Hills West cafeteria. Jackie appreciates all the students in Hills West, and makes sure to put love into everything she makes, and everything she gives to you.
Next we have one of the ladies, that makes the food that you gobble up every single day. Meet Lynn, who has devoted thirty years to working as a cook at Hills West. She started working here at age 36, and still serves the children at Hills West. Her day starts at 6 o’clock in the morning and at 2 o’clock she leaves from work. She states “Well, once you get used to it, it starts to get easier.” She says that she’s always looking out for the students of Hills West, and makes sure they are satisfied with their food. They spend endless hours in the kitchen making food. Not only that, but according to Lynn, the first line of students is usually the most hectic. However, everybody has different hours, so it all plays out.
These are two amazing and hardworking ladies of the wonderful cafeteria cast of Hills West, the whole cast does a whole a lot of work, and makes sure you get the food you need and deserve every single day. Next time, you are in line to get your food, make sure to stop and say hey and tell them how much you appreciate the fact that they make your food every single day.