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Senior Year Anticipation


As the weather slowly improves and the trees begin to bloom. The unexplainable feeling of Summer begins to emerge. A long 3 month break made to spend hours on end tanning in the sun, reading a nice book, or catching up on our “Z’s”. But most of those activities do not apply to us busy juniors. The summer into senior year is a time of anticipation. Anticipation for college, summer jobs, and the application process. Juniors will be busy perfecting their last minute activities to incorporate into their resume. We are all aware that the time is, in fact, coming. Senior year holds the key to happiness, as most would argue. Therefore it would be seen imperative to prepare early. Senior year holds so many exciting experiences: Prom, graduation, college, even parking in the senior parking lot for some. The idea of freedom and relaxation is the general idea. But senior year should not be taken lightly either. Us juniors need to stay on our “A game” in order to really enjoy the second semester of the year. It is no time to joke around, and definitely no time to get caught up in the infamous “senioritis”. Not only are we preparing for educational purposes, but entertainment as well. We are anticipating the chance to redeem our pep rally ranking. Next year is the last year for the juniors to win the much deserved first place of Pep Rally. The controversy of this class’ winner may be seen as twofold. So, of course, pep rally next year will be all the rage. In addition to that, prom and graduation are our last final goodbyes to high school. I am aware that most of my peers look forward to ending their high school careers as soon as possible, but it’s important that we also enjoy our last few years in Hills West and soak everything in. There are many exciting activities to encounter whist enjoying ninth through twelfth grade.

Many seniors would describe senior year differently depending on the classes they take, sports they play, and activities they’re included in. When current Varsity Baseball seniors Frank Tricamo, Errol Parker, Evan Alcazar and James Madden were asked things like what would you say the most anticipation for senior year is, what is your one piece of advice for upcoming seniors, and describe one word for senior year they all seemed to respond with concise and personal responses. Things like prom, waking up later in the morning, and figuring out future college plans were all the hype for those upcoming seniors. The one piece of advice they added was to make the best out of the year, to not slack off first and second quarter, and to also get your workload done as early as possible. They described their year as incredible, unforgettable, and freedom-filled.

Senior year is almost viewed as the “light at the end of the tunnel” for one’s high school journey. It is almost seem as the reward for all the hard work paid off. But do not be fooled by its laid back front. It is still extremely important that students stay on top of things. Goals cannot be achieved without hard work and drive. Senior year will live on in superiority and leisure.