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Way to Go, Michigan

Photo Credit: bing.com
Photo Credit: bing.com

Politics are confusing. Quite often, it feels as if there’s another primary or caucus every other day. In all honesty, that’s not far from the truth. With the results being frequently redundant – on the Republican side, a victory for Trump, followed by Cruz and Rubio and on the Democratic side, Clinton with the win, Sanders then securing a subsequent state – the states begin to slur and blur, and the race becomes increasingly hard to follow.

Last night’s primaries changed that for one reason, and one reason only.


That’s because the runner up in Michigan was, get this, John Kasich. When the Chris Christies, Bobby Jindals, Carly Fiorinas, Ben Carsons and Jeb Bushes of the GOP decided to abort their campaigns, Kasich held tight. He promised that things would turn up for him. And, as of March 9, 2016, turn up they have. Though Trump secured himself three victories -trumping Michigan, Mississippi, and Hawaii- and Cruz crushed Idaho, Kasich was not left high and dry. For the first time, Rubio was left in last place. In fact, he was the only candidate not to receive any delegates in Michigan. With Rubio’s state of Florida and Kasich’s Ohio coming up shortly, and the Republican incentive to put a stop to Trump’s campaign, there will likely be no shortage of excitement in the Grand Ol’ Party for here to come.

Meanwhile, over the isle with the Democrats, the night was split. Clinton made off with Mississippi, while Sanders was granted Michigan. With Hillary at 1,221 delegates and Sanders at 571 thus far, it would seem that the latter candidate has no chance. That being said, both Sanders and Clinton are vehement candidates that have amassed much support. With the possibility that Clinton not be able continue her campaign for president because of scandals that mar her past, it is not unlikely that Sanders may have a shot in the 2016 race.

Controversy lurks around every corner in the 2016 election. One simply couldn’t make this stuff up.