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Variety Show Entertains Hills West Students 


The Hills West Variety Show on Friday, March 4th was a night to remember with over a dozen acts displaying a series of various talents. From singing to dancing, Hills West students demonstrated their capabilities to a large audience on Friday, March 4th. The show was filled unforgettable performances from students of all grades. During the show, each class’ student government preformed a skit- featuring an appearance from the Cheetah Girls, as well as a visual of the Evolution of Dance. It is undoubtable that each grade’s student government exhibited great skill.

The show was kicked off by Joanna Ramsey who charmed the crowd with her voice. After a great cheer and several acts later, Tyler Makover stunned the audience with his draw dropping performance of “Riptide,” initially sung by Vance Joy. With a guitar in hand, Makover’s performance looked effortless as he was “pitch perfect.” Another musically inclined act was exhibited by Luke Gentil. Not only did Gentil exhibit his talents with a piano, he had performed an original piece as well. Following his performance, Gentil received a well-deserved standing ovation.

Following Gentil back to back, juniors Kyle Dana and Alyssa Rosensweig, sang effortlessly. With Dana’s performance of “Vienna” and Alyssa’s performance of “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You,” the crowd was astonished by each singer’s ability to bring their own take to very well-known songs. Later in the show, there were several breath taking performances from seniors, Athena Prifakis and Tara Ranjbar, Ilana Bromberg and Maegan Morris, and Justin Zelamsky. During each of these three acts, singing was accompanied by a ukulele. Although these are only several of the acts preformed at The Hills West Variety Show, all of the talents were exceptional.

The Hills West Variety Show allows students to display their talents on a stage viewed by many of their peers. This opportunity enables students to come together as a community, one school, in order to support the talents within the community. With weeks of preparation, Mrs. Reynolds as well as the SEC and Class Officers were able to put on an organized show that enabled students to display their impressive talents. The night ended with quite an uproar after senior Drew Rosenzweig “promprosed,” to fellow senior Renée Pino. After much celebration of the promprosal and its preceding performances, it is certainly sure that next year’s Variety Show will be nothing short of brilliant.