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Dressed for Success

Photo Credit: Katina Kokinos
Photo Credit: Katina Cokinos

There is a one syllable word that has seemed to plague the Hills West seniors in recent weeks: prom.

With the event set to take place at Leonards Palazzo on June 22nd, many seniors have begun to plan what they hope to declare an extravagant evening. From pre-prom, the actual celebration and of course the after, a lot of planning must be implemented. Prom is considered to be one of the most memorable and invaluable nights for high school seniors as it is one of their last nights among the peers that they have spent the last four years with.

However, most girls consider prom to be extremely stressful. When it comes to prom, it is common for girls to become fixated on the dress. Now finding the “perfect dress”can be considered a battle in itself. With hundreds of options and expensive prices, one’s prom dress choice has become something of great magnitude. According to usnews.com, about $1,000 is said to be spent on prom night per household and the average price of a prom dress is roughly $200.

Now, why is prom relevant in the month of March? Well, prom season is already underway as many have already begun their hunt for the perfect dress. Buying the dress is seen as one of the biggest decisions for seniors, as the dress will be captured in dozens of photographs as well as in unwritten “best or worst dress lists.” Senior Katina Cokinos stated, “Buying my prom dress was an experience I’ll never forget.”

Typically after purchasing a dress, girls look to a Facebook group to post pictures. Essentially, they are marking their territory – suggesting that no one else buy the same gown.

With prom a few months away, seniors are reminded that there is not much time left to plan. Dana Winthrop said,”Buying my prom dress made me realize that it’s the last event with my grade before we graduate.” Although buying the dress may be the first step for most senior girls approaching their last day with their friends, it is also a reminder of the great memories they already have together as well as the great memories to come.