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New Hampshire, New Frontrunners

Photo Credit: cnn.com
Photo Credit: cnn.com

It’s 2016, and it’s time for a new President of the United States of America. Every quadrennial, America is thrown into the sheer insanity that leads up to the presidential election. Thus far in the race, there has already been enough drama, conflict, deceit, and just plain “politics” to last the next few terms over, and there are still T-Minus nine months left until election day.

This Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary was no exception to this election’s almost Soap-Opera-like trend. Following the previous week’s Iowa Caucus, the candidates were poised and ready to go for the gold.

In Iowa, Hillary Clinton emerged victorious, leaving Bernie Sanders less than one percentage point behind her. Many places where voting occurred culminated in a tie. Clinton was awarded the vote, due to the flip of a coin, nearly every time, only emphasizing how close the call was. By the end of the night, Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley, who had been trailing far behind, dropped out of the race. Going into New Hampshire, America realized how tight the primary would truly be. Since Hillary Clinton threw her hat into the ring in hope of becoming the next United States president, she has had an astounding lead in the Democratic polls. Everyone assumed that she would be the surefire Democratic nominee; however, within the past week or so, everything has changed. In fact, not only has she lost her overwhelming lead, but Bernie Sanders surpassed her and won New Hampshire. This leaves all to wonder: do we really know who the Democratic nominee will be?

The Republicans had quite a night in New Hampshire, as well. Donald Trump has been soaring high above all of the other Republican candidates in the polls – that is, before Iowa. Ted Cruz’s controversial victory that night left everybody to question how the New Hampshire primary would shape up. Would Donald Trump regain the lead? Would Cruz prove to be the new frontrunner? Would Marco Rubio, whose increasing popularity has been receiving some major consideration as of late, take the night?  There was much apprehension and debate but, true to form, Donald Trump won in New Hampshire. To add yet another twist, two more candidates, Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie, suspended their campaigns in the aftermath of New Hampshire. The question on everybody’s minds is to whom will their votes go?

Just these last two weeks have proven that we truly do know nothing about what is to come as the election furthers. The only thing certain is this: there are nine candidates left, one of whom will be the next President of the United States of America. This race won’t be an easy one to win.