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Pan: The Movie

Photo Credit: www.eonline.com
Photo Credit: www.eonline.com

The new Peter Pan movie entitled Pan was released on October 9th of this year. Unlike the original Peter Pan movie, the newer version has a unique twist. 

Although it may come as a surprise, the new storyline has a bit of other famous movies incorporated in its plot, such Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean. In this fractured fairy tale, Peter, an orphan, does not know his mother and has only one close friend. In the middle of the night, all the orphan boys were taken from their beds by Blackbeard, the so-called Hook from the original Peter Pan, and his crew. When he makes it to Neverland, he finds the truth about who he is. His family is a part of a tribe that protects the fairies from Blackbeard, who has spent his life collecting children and raising them to dig mines and find fairy dust. In contrast from the original movie, Hook is the “good guy.” In Pan, he helps Peter and the rest of the tribe protect the fairies.

This movie is packed with action and has a lot of shocking events that you must see for yourself. Pan hits you with a variety of different feelings throughout the movie which will have your mind spinning left and right! The special effects in the movie is outstanding, which makes the movie all worth while. Check out Pan, now in theaters!