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Halloween at Hills West


It is our favorite time of the year. Pumpkins, cozy sweaters, colorful leaves, and most importantly, Halloween costumes. However, rumor has it that this year Hills West students will be ruthlessly banned from showing the holiday spirit in school hallways. According to an anonymous female senior, the #senyas have a different plan. The class of 2016 is intending to wear camouflage clothing to come together as a class and show their love for the festivities. “No one is going to stop us,” she said smiling mischievously. “Rules do not apply to the senior class.” Costumes seem harmless but restrictions come from the prevention of distractions during class. It is well known for students to be asked to change clothes or maybe remove their excessive head accessories to ensure that nobody gets hurt. Hills West administration is kindly asking students to wait for school to be dismissed before showing our Halloween love. Either way, everyone from freshmen to the administration is equally excited for this crazy candy-filled weekend. Stay safe!