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Hills West Alumna’s “Beautiful Mind” Has A Powerful Message


All over the country, children are victims of abuse and other tough situations. As a result, many of those children are hurting physically and emotionally. “Beautiful Mind” by Safrah is a song that was written to encourage the victims of child abuse to find their self-worth during these tough times. Singer-songwriter Safrah said that through the song, she hopes to “make them [the victims] feel like they aren’t alone.” Behind the song’s catchy tune are lyrics that inspire those in hard situations to remember that they have a “Beautiful heart, a beautiful soul, a beautiful mind.” The music video was made without funding by college students in one of their homes. Through this meaningful video, Safrah attempts to inspire those that are being abused to stand up for themselves and remember that their lives do matter.

“I know this song was written for a good cause,” said student Cisco Chong, “and I hope it can help someone who is struggling.” Safrah put endless hours of hard work into creating a song that is both fun to listen to and inspiring to victims of a problem that prevails all over the country.

Safrah is not only a singer-songwriter, but a multi-instrumentalist who mixes pop, jazz and blues tunes. A Hills West alumna from the Class of 2011, she recently graduated from Purchase College in Westchester. While in school, she took classes in New York City, studying songwriting and performing herself.  The song “Beautiful Mind” was written with one of her friends without any planning.  After the song was written, Safrah decided that it could inspire victims of abuse to find their self-worth. By doing something as simple as listening to a good song, Safrah hopes to prevent children and teens from doing down a bad path.

“The song is inspiring,” said student Samantha Lange, “and it feels good that I am spreading a meaningful message in such a simple fashion.”  Even if you are not a victim to abuse, the song is encouraging and can support individuals through hard times. Safrah will be releasing more songs in the near future; if they are anything like “Beautiful Mind,” they are sure to uplift and inspire.