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Girl’s Gymnastics Finishes Their Non-League Meets Strong


After starting the season with a strong win, the girl’s gymnastics team had three more non-league meets. The girls suffered a hard loss against Babylon 147.7 to 158.075. Despite the non-league loss, the girls got back in the gym the next day ready to improve and get back in the game. The next week the gymnastics team was home against East Islip for their third meet of the season. The team bounced back from last week’s loss, winning 146.5 to 139.825. Despite winning, Coach Teri Kindlemann told the team that they would get better and that she knew they could score higher in the next meet. The team, craving recovery after two low team scores, went to Kings Park that same week ready to win. At the meet, new members of the team competed for the first time, and the whole team showed the potential they have going into league meets. The final score was 156.9 to 152.05, Half Hollow Hills on top. The girls will start their league meets against the combined Bayshore/Islip team. “Bayshore is a good team, and we want to get a high team score,” said Kindlemann.