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A Team to be Reckoned With

The Hills West Colts Football Team.
The Hills West Colts Football Team.

E + R = O; Event + Response= Outcome. That is this year’s motto for the Colts Varsity Football team. Overcoming adversity has always been a part of the team, whether it be injuries or a low playoff seed. This year, however, the team is healthy and rated #1 in preseason rankings for their league. The ceiling for this year’s team is extremely high, and they are focused on delivering production that can not be matched by any other team on Long Island. Alexander Filacouris, a junior and one of three Newsday Players to Watch this season on the team, expresses how they are all is dealing with their high expectations.

“We focus on improving everyday and on working hard in practice. We can only control the events that happen on the field and the effort we give every time we go out to play. By giving our best effort, we put ourselves in a position to obtain the successful outcome we’re all looking for.”

Along with Filacouris, seniors Lucas Digiorgi and Anthony Lucarelli lead the offense for West. The Triple Threat combined for 953 rushing yards and 27 touchdowns last season, even with Lucarelli being hurt for most of it.

Some other notable team members are James Palumbo, Trevor Anton, Cameron Jordan, Dan Namkung, and the second highest point scoring kicker in Suffolk County, Ryan Barone. If all the pieces fall into place, this season could be one to remember for the Colts.