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Senior Spirit Week

Darren Barnowitz, Sam Brandifino

It’s no doubt that the most popular week of the school year is homecoming spirit week.  However, the Hills West seniors decided to this once again, except this time, it would be more unique to them.  Every day of the week, the seniors dressed in one unified theme to lead up to College Decision Day on May 1st.  Monday was pajama day—what better way to start the week? Tuesday was America day, seniors dressed up in red, white and blue. On Wednesday, seniors wore their senior shirts, or wore red to show their spirit. Thursday was a day for all students to wear blue for Autism. On Friday seniors proudly strutted through the halls to show off their college apparel. Senior, Craig Charlton said “It made me feel happy to be a senior because it’s probably the last time our class gets together and does something where everyone participates”. He was also eager to show off his apparel, as it made college feel like its just around the corner. Congratulations and good luck to all seniors next year!!!