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Senior Superlatives!


For the seniors who missed or decided not to attend the school’s annual senior banquet on Friday, February 6th, in the gym, one of the things they missed was the announcement of the senior superlatives. Unfortunately, they probably did not miss the blatant campaigning for votes that occurred on social media in the week leading to the event. During the week of voting, the class of 2015’s Facebook group was bombarded with pictures, collages, and messages, pleading classmates to vote a certain person for a certain superlative.

News flash! If your high school classmates couldn’t remember you for that position without you reminding them, then you probably shouldn’t win it in the first place. The only superlative that this is irrelevant for is the one for students with the greatest amount of senioritis. Not being in class has a way of making people forget that you’re supposed to be in class to begin with.

While superlatives seem like a fun way to commemorate people, some seniors felt extremely pressured by all of the campaigns. Being pressured by someone that you don’t know is different, but when it’s by your fellow classmates and possibly good friends, how do you tell those people that you don’t believe that the position they want is one that they should receive? It’s not a fair position to be in, is it?
The campaigns, however, affected few of the actual positions earned. Some were undoubtedably influenced, but forty years from now, that isn’t the part that people will remember. They will remember the people, or they won’t, and a fancy title won’t change that. Fancy titles do make it more fun though. Below are the superlatives.

Cutest Couple: Jaime Weinreb and Nick Daly
Dynamic Duo: Arianna Sabatino and Olivia Sabatino, Peter Guido and Antonio Ferro
Beauty, Brains, Braun: Jennifer Casadonte and Cody Clarson
Best Smile: Natalie Arshraven and Joahan Nunez
Best Transformation Tuesday: Angela Rios and Owen Clark
Most Likely to Take Home to Your Parents: Alexis Mitchnick and Stephen Imburgia
Wolf of Wallstreet: Brooke Camarda and Evan Hochhauser
Most Senioritis: Angela Iannachino and Steven Kleet
Most Likely to Succeed: Rose Bender and Stephen Imburgia
Mr. and Mrs. Hills West: Gianna Nemeh and Stephen Imburgia
Most Athletic: Jennifer Casadonte and Raymond Lyte
Most Artistic: Hayley Valla and Peter Guido
Most Musical: Marli Delaney and Daniel Rudin
Most Likely to Be Famous: Sua Yi and Daniel Rudin
Best dressed: Mary Andriotis and Evan Hirsch