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A.A.S.O Captivates the Hills West Student Body


On Wednesday, the African American Student Organization enthralled the Hills West student body with the annual Black History Month assembly. As usual, the performance went off without a hitch, and all the performers played their roles and characters well. Held in an Award show-type format, the group continued its goal to spread awareness of black history and the way African American culture influences society today.

The program has been a part of the A.A.S.O “curriculum” for quite some time; each year looking to improve upon the last, with this year taking on the format of an awards show. Each host and awardee was a member of the club. They volunteered their time and talent to the making of the show. Many notable African American Personalities were portrayed in the show, including Kahwi Leonard, Oprah Winfrey, and Kobe Bryant. Drew Tucker, a junior who played Kobe Bryant, said “The A.A.S.O assembly is important because it gives us African-American students an opportunity to proudly display the positive aspects of our culture. It is also important because it allows us to spread awareness of African American values and perspectives.”

Mrs. Simpson, the advisor for the organization overseer of the assembly stated, “It is an honor for the members and myself to have a month dedicated to showing their peers our history and it’s significance to American history.  The positive feedback the members receive each year after the show helps to reinforce their sense of confidence and self-worth as an important part of U.S. history.”

With a run-time of around 30 minutes, the program was packed with laughs, song, and dance, along with a heartfelt eulogy for famous sports announcer Stuart Scott, who recently passed away from cancer.

The assembly turned out to be a success by means of impressed students. Rocco Cipriano, a junior, regarded the assembly as, “a great way to learn about different cultures.” Ben Reilly, also a junior, concurred stating, “…it was a truly interesting cultural experience and I was impressed by the talent of the singers and dancers.”

Every year, the African American Student Organization never fails to impress the Hills West students with its rendition of an informative and enjoyable production. Although February is designated “Black History Month,” when Mrs. Simpson was asked how the student body can bring awareness of Black History February, she stated “…[to] use the knowledge and information received from the annual February presentation in their everyday lives to aid in connecting with, not only African American students, but everyone in a polite and respectful manner.”  The Roundup appreciates the hard work of the members of the AASO to help to bring awareness and appreciation of African American society to the student body.