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Fame Hits Hills West


The up-and-coming teen pop sensation, Jenna Rose- known to many Hills West students because of her hit song and accompanying music video, “My Jeans,” unveiled her latest music video to the song, “Love Me Harder,” by Ariana Grande on YouTube on January 11. In the video, Jenna, a junior at Hills East, features Hills West students Joe Caputo and TJ Anatra. Following the video’s release, it was not uncommon to see the video playing in many classrooms across Hills West.

Senior and music video star Joe Caputo expresses no regrets concerning his involvement in the video. “I think the video was great and I had a lot of fun doing it. I was a little camera shy at first, because I had never done anything like it before. After it came out on YouTube, all of my friends were shocked to see me in it and laughed about it, but it was all a lot of fun. Jenna is a talented singer.”

The video featured Rose being romantically involved with Anantra, before discovering that he was cheating on her- after which, she became entangled in a love triangle with Caputo. Outspoken senior, Samantha Osborn, was generally entertained by the video and the boys’ involvement. “I don’t think Jenna is a bad singer but I think a lot of people made fun of her because of how she was acting all over the boys. I thought the video was cute and when I saw Joe in it I was so surprised because I would have never of thought that he would like acting all corny and stuff in the video. Honestly, I laughed because I wasn’t expecting any of it. Overall I think that the boys had a fun time doing it with Jenna and people shouldn’t make fun of it because it’s not a terrible video.” The video was so popular that students were found watching it on their Iphones in between classes, and even showing their teachers after a  lesson was completed.

In my humble opinion, I think that the video was impressive and entertaining. Jenna is undoubtedly a talented singer, and has a lot of courage to express herself in such a public manner. There are a lot of new up-coming singers that also make videos with fans and friends, and being able to say that we know the people in her video is pretty cool.