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The Art of Hills West


Last Friday, January 16th, High School West had its most artistic day of the year! The High School West Art Day is an annual, all day event where students from various art classes display their work for all to enjoy. The goal of Art Day is to show students who are interested in art all the different art classes our school has to offer. This year was a huge success! Morgan Rampolla, a High School West Senior, said, “Everything ran really smoothly this year. A lot of kids took an interest in my project for my AP Studio Art class. I had a lot of fun and I hope some of the younger students were inspired to enroll in an art class.”

Art Day offers students a unique opportunity to experience what each art class is like and to see and even be a part of some of the projects. Those interested in Art History got the chance to pose for pictures with backgrounds and costumes of some of the most famous artworks in history. For people interested in fashion, they could see the fashion students build a dress out of book pages. Some people took the opportunity to explore classes they aren’t familiar with. Emily Goodman, a Sophomore taking Photography, said, “I really enjoyed seeing the talent that people have and the effort they put into each of their projects. I think I’m going to take Ceramics next year because it looked really fun to make.”

Art Day not only encourages students to pursue their interests in art, it also creates publicity for the school’s art electives. Not all students may be aware of the wide variety of art electives offered at High School West. Art Day gets the word out and allows students to explore fields they didn’t know existed let alone interested them.