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Hills West Gets Hot Over the Cold


It’s no secret that due to the recent low outdoor temperatures and occasional flurries of snow, the halls of Hills West has been far colder than usual. Although nothing has yet been done to combat this “chilling” issue, students will not let the especially cold classroom temperatures phase them and must attempt to not let such distractions effect their work ethics.

Senior Rachel Sang proposed a potential way to fix this problem. “I would say that each and every classroom should have a set and equal temperature so certain classes aren’t colder than others.” Varying classroom temperatures is definitely a common dilemma that West students face- specifically in periods of rather extreme weather changes. Rachel also said, “Students usually just wear layers so they can easily take off and put on clothes depending on how cold they feel in each class”. It is certainly an inconvenient predicament to feel extremely cold in one classroom, and sweltering hot in another. Students are currently being forced to wear their winter coats throughout the day,just so that they can remain focused during the class period and not be distracted by the harsh winter weather. The classroom temperature certainly shouldn’t be at the forefront of each student’s mind while a teacher is teaching and a student is attempting to learn.

Unfortunately, until a viable solution is proposed and enacted by the administration, we will have to make the most of this situation and come prepared for the varying, and somewhat distracting, temperatures.