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How Modern is Modern Family?

Photo Credit: en.wikipedia.org
Photo Credit: en.wikipedia.org

Modern Family is a show we all know and love for its comedic spins on ordinary situations and the character’s eccentric lives.

Each character faces a different conflict in every episode and they are usually intertwined with the actions of another character, which is probably the most reality anyone could pull out of television. Although some clips are highly unrealistic, yes, we all know about the one where Phil got an alpaca because it was the last one available, there is a hint of truth to each conflict that makes it relatable and enjoyable.

Now, the question that is lingering over Modern Family is how modern is it?

The TV industry is like a gold mine for corny, stereotypical jokes and characters. However, the reason Modern Family has done so well is because they have created modern characters. They cover a range of  different types of people; the nerds, the goofballs, the mature, the determined, and the unenthusiastic. Also, interracial, traditional, as well as gay marriages have become extremely common among people in this progressive era.

Modern Family covers various real-life conflicts like growing up, settling into a new family, adoption, new jobs, and the challenges that come with embracing different cultural and traditional beliefs. The adversity that the characters face are very contemporary, and go along with issues many people face today. New styles, beliefs and jokes are often difficult to incorperate into TV shows, but Modern Family steps up to the challenge. In the end, it is fair to say that Modern Family is quite modern.