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Fantasy Football: Week 8 Projections



QB: R. Tannehill – Tannehill has posted 18 plus points in his last 3 games, and will get another 18+ against a Jaguars defense that is weak in all aspects. The Jags have allowed 17 FPA against QB’s this year.

RB: J. Bell – Reggie Bush has been having some trouble with an injury the last 2 weeks, and in those 2 weeks, Bell has been filling in greatly. In the last two games, Bell has recorded a 12+ FPA and 1 touchdown each. He will be playing a Falcons defense that has allowed a 27 FPA to RBs this year.

WR: G. Tate – Ever since the injury of Megatron, Tate has been red hot. Last week he had 154 yards on 10 receptions. He’s also had 19+ fantasy points in 2 of his last 3 games. The Falcons have allowed around 23 FPA to WR’s this year.

TE: G. Olsen – Olsen has been very consistent, scoring 10+ in 5 of the last 7 games. He will be playing a Seahawks defense that has allowed TE’s 12 FPA.

K: A. Vinatieri – Vinatieri has made 14 field goals and totaled 68 points thus far in the year. He will be playing the Steelers, who have allowed 9 FPA to kickers this year.

Def: Jets – The Bills have allowed a 12 FPA to defenses (most in league) since week four. The Bills have relied on the run in their past few games, but with Spiller and Jackson out, the Jets are going to capitalize on this weakness.

Start Of The Week: T. Romo – Romo has done great this season, and went off last week. I see no exception this week as he will be playing a Redskins defense that has had trouble stopping Quarterbacks, allowing them a 21 FPA.




QB: B. Roethlisberger – Rothlisberger has done decent this year, but I’m sitting him mainly because he is playing a great Colts defense. The Colts offense has been doing great, their defense is doing equally as well, if not better; allowing 13 FPA to QB’s this year.

RB: D. Robinson – Robinson has secured the top spot on the depth chart for the Jags, for now.  He did great against the Browns, but they have an awful run defense. The Dolphins do well defending the run, allowing 105 rushing yards total in their last 2 games.

WR: P. Harvin – Harvin has scored 7 points in his last 3 games. And yes he is on a new team where he has potential to do great, but if he can’t thrive with Russell Wilson, there is no way he succeeds with Geno Smith. He will also have to compete with Eric Decker for receptions, where in Seattle he didn’t have to fight for catches as much.

TE: D. Walker – In 3 of his first 4 games, Walker posted 9+ points. In his last 3 games, he has combined for 10.  The Texans have allowed 6 FPA.

K: M. Bryant – Bryant has been extremely inconsistent this year, just last week scoring only 1 point. He will be playing the Detroit Lions, who haves allowed 6 FPA.

Def: Steelers – Like I said before, the Colts have been great this year, and no one has been able to stop them, causing defenses to score merely 5 FPA.

Sit Of The Week: M. Bennett- Bennett was red hot in September; but in October, Bennett has had a combined 127 receiving yards and no TDS.

**Disclaimer: The Roundup is not responsible for any wrong predictions or losing your matchup for you. This advice is based of intensive research and intuition to help provide you with help on who to trust each week on your team and starting roster.