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Crashing in with a Huge Wave


Half Hollow Hills Girls swimming team come to the end of their season strong and ready for Leagues and County Championships. The girls have been crushing majority of their opponents with the exception of two. This season has been extremely hard compared to others due to the loss of amazing seniors and the lack of attendance at the meets. However they still pulled through with an amazing record of 5-2-0.  It is the lowest record in years however the girls are striving to improve and demonstrate their growth at the County Championships, Saturday, November 8, 2014. The team dominated at the League championships, coming in at second place with fast swimmers such as Kianna Cyrus, a sophomore at Half Hollow Hills High School West.

Diving dominated the county this year with Jessica Coffee and Victoria Sachetti. Jessica Coffee reached her season high of 245, qualifying her for many competitions such as County and possible States, best of luck!

Good luck to the post-season team at County Championships! Just keep swimming!

This seasons scores:

Date V Score Teams H Score Level/Sport
9/10/2014 77 West Islip @ H H Hills 94 V GIRLS SWIMMING
9/18/2014 90 H H Hills @ Sayville/Bpt 95 V GIRLS SWIMMING
9/23/2014 82 Commack/Northport @ H H Hills 93 V GIRLS SWIMMING
9/29/2014 87 Smithtown @ H H Hills 96 V GIRLS SWIMMING
10/2/2014 94 H H Hills @ Brentwood/BS 78 V GIRLS SWIMMING
10/8/2014 98 Ward Melville @ H H Hills 92 V GIRLS SWIMMING
10/17/2014 96 H H Hills @ Sachem East 82 V GIRLS SWIMMING
10/22/2014 78 William Floyd @ H H Hills 85 V GIRLS SWIMMING