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Hong Kong Riots 2014

The gathering of the protesters in Mong Kok

Videos and articles covering the violence and protests in Hong Kong have gained widespread interest across the globe. Total views for the countless videos of 2014 Hong Kong Riots, especially the firing of tear gases, have reached millions. Protesters enclosed in tear gases and their efforts to escape the irritant gas can be seen in any of these videos. During the duration of the protests, a total of 87 rounds of tear gases were fired which burned the skin, eyes, lungs, and nasal passages of the Hong Kong protesters. These tear gases were purposely aimed at the 80,000 students, workers, and residents of Hong Kong who have crowded along the Mong Kok District to voice their concerns for their government.

Firing of tear gas into the crowds of protesters in Hong Kong

The riots and conflicts arising in Hong Kong are stemmed from the differences between the wants of the citizens and the decisions of the Beijing government. When Hong Kong was declared free from the rule of Britain, the government of Beijing and Hong Kong held an understanding that the residents of Hong Kong were able to elect for their chief executive in 2017. The promise between the two lands was broken when Beijing declared that only three candidates will be allowed to run for the Hong Kong chief executive position. Taken aback by the unwarranted voting restrictions, Hong Kong residents gathered and protested for their rights. The differences and political conflicts now have led to the violence, protesting, and attack in Hong Kong. Both China’s domestic population and international viewers hope that a peaceful agreement may be reached between the governments of Hong Kong and Beijing.