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In-School Pep Rally


Pep rally: Boys dressing up as girls, tug-of-war and roaring crowds, what’s not to love? On Friday September 19, in preparation for the evening pep rally, the in-school pep rally was a huge success. Each grade gathered on their assigned bleachers, and prepared for the Homecoming Court Assembly.

Sydney Eckstein, a Junior states, “I always look forward to spirit week, especially pep rally. I love dressing to the themes and cheering and seeing everyone getting excited during the in-school pep rally. It’s always so much fun.”

Alexis Crocker, a Sophomore, states, “The lower classmen weren’t as loud, but it’s always fun seeing them try!”

As for the presentation of the Class of 2015 Homecoming Court, the boys dressed up in there nicest suits and the girls looked exquisite in their dresses. The speeches were each personalized and hilarious. Rose Bender’s speech touched upon her passion for unicorns. Each couple had a unique way of entering the gym, for example, Joe Anderson gave his partner Megan Iris one of his trademark bucket hats, and Alexis Mitchnick and Jordan Stummer partook in an epic selfie as they strutted towards the center of the gym. The whole day consisted of face paint and cheering (who knew the seniors could cheer so loud?!) All in all, it was a  great in-school pep rally and a great way to kick off Homecoming weekend!