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Fantasy Football: Week 5 Predictions


The bye week this week isn’t much of a threat to fantasy teams, only holding the Raiders and the Dolphins back. The only player that would hold your team back is Lamar Miller, but that’s it.


QB: B. Roethlisberger- Big Ben had a “Big” game last week and could have a big one as well this week. He will be playing a Jaguar defense that allows a Quarterback 24 FPA (Fantasy Point Average) each week. Ben’s receiving staff has been a useful one so far this year, and could be weapons throughout the coming game.

RB: R. Jennings- Though his points oscillate every game, Jennings will be playing the terrible run defense of Atlanta. Atlanta has given Running Backs a 31 FPA, and Jennings is proving to be good when home.

WR: E. Sanders- Arizona is average when defending the Wide Receiver position this year, giving a 21 FPA. Sanders has been having the best Wide Receiving year for the Broncos (not by much though), and is catching footballs from one of the best Quarterbacks in the NFL (Manning).

TE: D. Walker- Walker makes owners nervous because he is very unpredictable, but he will start getting more on track. Walker is the #1 option for Jake Locker to throw to, and that most likely won’t be changing. Cleveland has given a 10 FPA to Tight Ends this year, which is ranked 8th highest in the league.

K: C. Parkey: Though nothing was happening offensively last week for the Eagles, they will bounce back in full form against a lost looking Rams defense. Parkey has shown this year that he can kick far ( 2 50+ Field Goals thus far) and has done great fantasy wise for a kicker.

DEF: Seattle- Seattle’s LOB hasn’t been efficient this year, but will start to after a bye that has hopefully gotten the defense back to 2013 form. They will be playing Washington, who has given a 10 FPA to Defenses this year in the league.

Start of the week: A. Luck- Luck is having one amazing year so far, and will see struggles against the Ravens defense this week, but will overcome them. Luck has three great receiving options in Nicks, Wayne, and Hilton, and other options as well (Fleener and Allen). Luck has thrown 13 Touchdowns and has 1,305 passing yards this year (both league leading).


QB: T. Brady- Brady hasn’t been himself this year, as he’s become less accurate and his O-line has been weak. The Pats played a Chiefs defense that has been not so great, and made them look like one of the best. Now the Pats are playing a good Bengals defense that could make him look even worse.

RB: C.J Spiller- Spiller hasn’t done well ever since his 2012 breakout season. Along with that he is sharing the run game with Fred Jackson, who has been outscoring him stat sheet wise. The Bills will be playing one of the best D-lines in the league in Detroit, who, in their last 8 home games, hasn’t allowed 100+ rushing yards and has only allowed 2 rushing touchdowns.

WR: L. Fitzgerald- Fitz hasn’t been his superstar self this year, with his highest fantasy score being 5.10. Fitz does not do well away against the AFC, as he has scored 1 touchdown and no more than 61 yards in his last four away games against them.

TE: T. Kelce- Yes, Kelce has been improving every game this season, but I believe this will stop in week 5. Kelce will be playing a 49ers defense that is very good at limiting TE’s, giving them 4.40 FPA (they have played Ertz, Witten, and Bennett).

K: D. Carpenter- Carpenter had a great first 2 games, but hasn’t done as great the last 2. Carpenter has good kicking skills, but the Bills are very unpredictable and they will be playing a very good Detroit defense, who has given kickers a 5 FPA.

DEF: Jets- The Jets have a good d-line but they have a terrible secondary. Though they do have 2 fumbles recovered this year, they have 0 interceptions. They will be playing a hot Chargers offense that has given defenses a 1.75 FPA.

Sit of the week: J. Witten- Witten has been deteriorating for the last couple of years. His year high is 6.10 fantasy points against a weak Saints defense. This week he will be playing a very good Houston defense, who have allowed TE’s a 5 FPA. He has no touchdowns this year and only 156 receiving yards.

**Disclaimer: The Roundup is not responsible for any wrong predictions or losing your matchup for you. This advice is based of intensive research and intuition to help provide you with help on who to trust each week on your team and starting roster.