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Evan Hirsch, Taylor McGee, and Molly Kaye


Evan Hirsch lived his dream come true this weekend as he participated in the homecoming parade. “For years prior, I watched the court in their convertibles and felt so envious! Being able to wave to familiar faces and other smiling onlookers while the cameras flashed made me feel so special and lie a true celebrity!” Hirsch notes. Taylor McGee, one of two escorted by Hirsch, explained that her most memorable experience was performing her skit. “At first, the concept of going in front of the whole school and twerking in the process seemed like an idea that would be horrifying. But with the help of my friends in the group, the skit was amazing and was the best school related activity I ever did”. McGee explains. Molly Kaye, also escorted by Evan Hirsch, put her homecoming experience into one word; “Unbelievable”.