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Girls Lacrosse: Fighting Hard To Win


The girls JV and varsity lacrosse team is one with a story. Besides the team being combined with  girls from both Hills East and Hills West, the team has gotten itself pretty well known around the district. Since it began, many girls have participated and its popularity has grown each year. Both head coach Amanda Strack, and assistant coach Keegan Maher put full effort into helping the team in succeeding. When the lacrosse program began about twelve years ago, they ranked 21 out of all 23 teams. But as the years passed on, the team got better, and landed the position that it’s at today— 4th place. High expectations go along with the high ranking.

Their  first game was against Smithtown on Friday the 23rd of March and they played a hard game—even though they lost. The score was 14-3. Goals were scored by: Marisa Gutlieb, Ally Anton, and Angelique Chatpar According to the cheering from the Hills lacrosse team, Angelique’s score was the most exciting. Just returning from a science fair, Angelique hurried to get into uniform, as the second quarter was almost over.  She ran out into the field, subbing for another mid fielder, and fought to gain control of the ball. Once she had, she was off. As she sped down the field, all defenders fell behind her. She went straight to the goal and scored a solid shot. This goal is one of many in Angelique’s career.

On Wednesday the 28th, Hills second game was against Connetquot. Although the game was again lost at 13-5, every girl was working hard and improved since their last game. Four of the five goals belonged to Angelique, and the last by Marisa Gutlieb. A moment in the game that stood out to many was Marisa’s goal. Being assisted by Angelique, Marisa caught the ball at ease and very quickly made a strong shot before any defenders or the goalie could stop, and then block her. The ball flew—and went in the goal.

Although this was towards the end of the game and no other goals could be shot, the team kept their spirits high. They will be bringing 110% to the rest of their games, and will continue to fight hard to win.