A Dominant Year for Girls’ Varsity Softball

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The girls varsity softball team began the season with high hopes, and their results exceeded all expectation. This year, West’s softball team was led by new head varsity coach Bill Mitaritonna. The girls are a relatively young team, as they only had one senior and a majority of the team was made up of sophomores. Many of their opponents believed this season the odds were against Hills West, and underestimated them in the beginning. Week after week, Hills West was throwing faster, batting stronger and running quicker. Hills West started off strong, however during the middle of their season they hit a rough patch, losing three consecutive games. This seemingly problematic situation only taught the girls what they had to work on, and encouraged them to be better. From then on, they dominated until the end of the season. The team was led by the lone senior, Francesca Casalino, who had a dominant season. After a superb regular season, the girls continued their excellence into the playoffs. They cruised to the county championships, where in an very exciting game, the girls triumphed over Hauppague to become the county champions for the first time in school history. They now move forward to the Long Island Championship. For updated information, visit the website.

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