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Talented Freshman Makes Varsity Baseball


It is extremely difficult for even an upperclassman to make a varsity team, so the fact that freshman Owen Mcmenamy made the varsity baseball squad is extraordinary. Mcmenamy, who was a member of the Candlewood varsity team before he arrived at West, is the only freshman and a part of a small group of underclassmen to actually make the team.
While Owen may be the youngest player on the team, he has talent that is equivalent to that of his older teammates. Although he is currently the starting right fielder, he throws a powerful 81 mph fastball, and sees himself as a future pitcher. “He (Owen) had by far the best arm out of any freshman, and although he didn’t have the greatest bat, you could tell he was a great ballplayer,” said star shortstop Luke Stampfl. However, the most impressive part of Mcmenamy’s game is his work ethic. His teammates claimed that the reason he made the team, is not only because of his skills on the diamond, but also in the dugout. He is known for his hustle, sportsmanship, and ability to learn from his older teammates. “I want to learn from the older kids and how they play the varsity game, because it’s completely different than the other baseball I’ve played,” said Mcmenamy.
A natural athlete with a lighting arm and quick speed, Owen encountered a big setback last year on the Candlewood team. He suffered a compound fracture in his right hand, costing him two months of the season and making it a little difficult to throw. He returned however, and upped his game in preparation for High School.
Owen certainly has a bright future on Varsity, and with his work ethic, speed, and lightning arm, can he be a Yankee (his favorite team) in the not-so-distant future?