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Photo Credit: Lilly Milman
Photo Credit: Lilly Milman

Students of Hills West perform three plays during each school year, though the third student-run play may not be as familiar to many students. This year, the third play was completely written, directed, and performed by students who signed up and auditioned.

The student-run play called #HighSchool portrays the real-world problems a high school student experiences. The lead role of the play, freshman Cassie Krill, says, “The play is about all the things you go through in high school. There are break-ups with friends, bullying, relationships, and dealing with your problems.” Director of the play, Senior Brianna Robinson, said that the concept of the student-run plays is “great because it gives students the chance to show their own perspective.” Brianna Robinson was elected by students to be the director of #HighSchool, having written and casted the play herself. Although this is her first year directing the student-run play, she had previously directed the AASO performances and has been performing on stage since she was just nine years old.

#HighSchool is funded by the school and supervised by English teacher Ms. Kelly, co-advisor of the student-run play last year. She states, “My experience with the plays have been awesome.” Cast members Emily Chong and Alyssa Rosensweig both had little experience with plays prior to auditioning for this play; nonetheless, they are not afraid to perform in front of their entire school. Emily Chong said, “I haven’t really been in any plays before, but a lot of my friends wanted me to audition, so I did and I ended up getting a part!” One of the freshmen actors, Jessie Lawrence, said, “There’s a really great crew and I think it’ll be a fun experience. It’s really cool because it gives us kids freedom to express ourselves and we experience new ideas we haven’t tried yet.”

The tradition of the student-run play has been going on for multiple years due to the interest in allowing students to partake in the behind the scene jobs of writing, directing, and casting the play. Come support Hills West’s hard working students on June 4, 2014 at 7:30 PM!